Consulting Services Overview

Consultancy services provided by iTechDevices are based on real-world experience. We believe that sharing the experiences we have gathered from thousands of our clients along with our data center and asset life cycle experiences, we can better guide our existing and new customers. Our expertise helps our clients in making multiple business decisions related to technology refreshes, cost savings, consolidation and network architecture.

Flexible Service Levels

We provide maintenance services for well renowned network brands, so you don’t have to stick with an OEM plan.

Services Details


(Software & Consultancy)

Our advisory consulting services starts by having an initial meeting with your organization, so we can truly understand your needs. From there, we provide advices that best suits your business. These advisory services specialize in Wireless assessments, Network architecture, Storage management, Server support, Migrations & Decommissioning and security. But our advisory services are not only limited to just hardware solutions, our expertise also expands to software consultancy. Our portfolio includes implementation of world class softwares such as CRMs and ERPs and licenses. We not only focus on the implementation arena, but also help you in selecting the right software to be integrated to your existing system. Our extensive spectrum of services spread across different business functions and at different strategy levels.


(IT Auditing)

You may have a top-notch IT security implemented, but you never know how strong it is until someone evaluates it for you. Even with a strong IT security system, you should always be looking for vulnerable loopholes in your network and how you can minimize the threats of a data breech. This can be a hectic task but it isn’t anymore. Our state-of-the-art IT auditing team provides you with exceptional solutions and support from the certified IT professionals, who will conduct survey of all the vulnerabilities in your underlying IT network. Our professionals would scrutinize your network and systems to make sure that any means may it be brute force, has least of chance to get into your virtual devices or data. That’s not all, we also provide you with routinely offer recommendations to help protect your data assets. By doing this, you would stay connected to the new technological revolutions and eliminate the emerging threats that might harm your network infrastructure.


(IT Infrastructure)

Every business in today’s era require an internet connection to fulfill its communication needs. But before strengthening your communication, you need to have an efficient internet connection that is well designed and managed; which in turn translates to having a well-designed underlying IT infrastructure. Most of the popular business softwares used today require a very efficient internet connection, for example, ERP. ERP has become a must-have for all businesses, and cannot function efficiently without having a stable internet connection. This means that both of them are highly correlated. Therefore, by understanding your business needs we at iTechDevices provide you complete IT infrastructure solution. We have been trusted by a lot of our clients and are considered to be one of the best service providers when it comes to designing your IT infrastructure.

Products Offered


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Hp procurve 2010

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HP APOLLO 2000 Series

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Dell EMC PowerEdge M640

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Benefits For

  • Extend the lifespan of your equipment and postpone technology refresh
  • Upgrade hardware on your schedule, not based on the manufacturer’s End-of-Support dates
  • Contract and vendor consolidation with flexible contract terms, meaning you can mix and match service levels within a single location
  • No arbitrary product lifecycles – Products are supported as long as parts are available and or technically relevant within your network
  • Faster call-to-dispatch times
  • Dramatically reduce support cost without sacrificing service levels (lowering OpEx)
  • Maximize budget to support driving innovation and exceeding operational targets


We wanted to get our IT infrastructure redesigned. After researching various options, we came across iTechDevices. They not only first assessed our current IT structure for free but also gave advices on how our current structure could be made better. They later on designed the whole new IT infrastructure for us.

-Head of IT, Telecommunication Industry.

Saved 37% on IT equipment

Reduced Setup cost with credit payment

Why iTech

About Us
  • Globally centered engineering team provides 24/7 Level 3 support inclusive of development, installation, and testing phases.
  • The local field engineers are experts in all technical domains from system integration, to auditing and providing related services.
  • Comprehensive development methodology that includes flexible price plans with free consultation.
  • Focus client constrained resources on higher-value projects and activities.
  • Need based solutions with unparalleled support.

We support and services a wide range of brands


ITechDevices is your best choice as it is a complete package of both hardware products as well as IT solutions. Our products backed up with our excellent IT services can help you to optimize your business in the best possible manner. We do not follow a ONE to fit all approach, but we actually design and implement unique strategy that would fit your business set up in the best way. Precisely, we are a ONE-STOP SOLUTION for all your IT problems.
We provide relevant products for all your IT problems from all the leading brands that include Dell, HP, Lenovo, Cisco, IBM, Hitachi and others. The kind of Hardware that we provide you with is exactly the one which can solve all your IT problems specifically dealing in the area of IT security, IT Auditing, IT Infrastructure setup, Surveillance and Unified Communication.
Refurbished Electronic Hardware refers to the re-conditioned or remanufactured hardware. The products that need minor repair along with Cosmetic adjustments are made to get into the shape of being ‘new-like’ in order to extend the life of Electronics hardware rather than disposing it off.
Every business set up needs an IT boost to maximize the efficiency which is a daunting task without the availability of the correct resources and the technical team. Our IT Solutions focus on either building entirely new systems or modifying the existing ones. Here at HDD, we take up the task of building a complete strategy to solve all your IT problems while successfully implementing it with the help of our techies possessing sound technical knowledge of IT.
By signing up with our third-party maintenance and services, you might no longer have the access to firmware updates. But by signing a partnership with us, you will lose the high cost associated with OEM contract and you will eliminate the headaches associated with following the manufacturer’s timelines. This would not only reduce cost but also increase efficiency.
At iTechDevices, we make the support process easy by reducing the traditional 7 steps to as simple as just 3 steps. Rather than waiting for back and forth communication and losing time for problems that can be resolved by only a field engineers visiting the premises. We send the field engineer directly at the premises, so you don’t waste time.

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